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CEE SL Network

Since April 2016 CLAYSS has been supporting partners in different countries in Central and Eastern Europe through training, facilitation, joint development of research and bibliography specific to the region as well as technical assistance to promote service-learning at a regional level. Since these activities began, partners involved have been meeting online and onsite to promote exchange, mutual understanding and mutual learning, understanding that cooperation among key actors provides support and makes service-learning in the region stronger. The Central and Eastern European Service-Learning Network has developed Regional Service-Learning Weeks in different cities around the region and a Regional Service-Learning Award.

Co-organized by CLAYSS, with the valuable support of the Central and Eastern European Service-Learning Network in partnership with Erasmus + project SLIHE and Platform of Volunteer Centers and Organizations.


13th July 2020 -Interactive Workshop: Facilitated by Andrew Furco, Associate Vice President for Public Engagement, University of Minnesota, U.S.A. and María Rosa Tapia, Latin American Center for Solidarity Service-Learning and University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

14th and 15th of July 2020 -Third European conference on service-learning in higher education- What does it mean to be(come) an engaged university?

16th of July 2020 -Open meeting of central and eastern European service-learning network: Hosted by Edina Malkic from International Organization “Interactive Open Schools” (MIOS) and Luz Avruj and Candelaria Ferrara from Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario – CLAYSS, together with Network members: Genesis Project (Bosnia Herzegovina), New Horizons Foundation (Romania), Transylvania College (Romania), Mary Ward Loreto Foundation (Albania), Matej Bel University (Slovakia), TOKA (Kosovo), Kolping Serbia (Serbia).

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Co-organized by CLAYSS, Transylvania College, New Horizons Foundation and Babes Bolyai University, on behalf of the Central and Eastern European Service-Learning Network.


Training of trainers: July 2-3 Facilitated by CLAYSS professionals together with MIOS Tuzla (Bosnia Herzegovina) for 23 teachers from Romania and Kosovo.

Visit to developing projects: July 4. In Cluj Napoca and the rural area of Marisel with an international team of 20 participants from various countries in the region (Romania, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo).

2nd Regional Service-Learning Conference: July 5. 130 people from 11 countries participated: Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina, Austria, Great Britain, Slovakia, Montenegro, Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Romania. Keynote speaker: Roser Batlle from the Spanish Service-Learning Network.

Meeting of the CEE SL  Network: July 6. and Attended by the following organisations: Genesis Project (Bosnia Herzegovina), MIOS (Bosnia Herzegovina), New Horizons Foundation (Romania), Transylvania College (Romania), Municipality (Albania), Mary Ward Loreto Foundation (Albania), Forum MNE (Montenegro), Matej Bel University (Slovakia), TOKA (Kosovo), Kolping Serbia (Serbia), CLAYSS (Argentina).

1st International Service Learning Conference in Sarajevo:

Co-organized by CLAYSS and MU "Interaktivne otvorene škole", on behalf of the Central and Eastern European

Service-Learning Network, the Conference was attended by around 100 educators, including the following countries: Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, Montenegro, Turkey, Slovenia, Macedonia, Poland, Bosnia i Herzegovina, Germany, and above all to the profile of participants was added a large number of teachers from all levels of education.

There were 33 participants in the training for trainers, also from all kinds of institutions (NGOs, schools, universities, and a member of the government of the Ministry of Education of a Bosnian Canton).

The objective of the conference was to disseminate SL, the experience of the region and the world and to share real practice by facilitating exchanges around the world. The Conference was designed with morning plenary presentations and concurrent panels in  the afternoon.

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